The Sustainable Beauty of Paola Lenti’s Designs

Paola Lenti, the renowned Italian furniture brand, is dedicated to creating sustainable and long-lasting furniture. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their rigorous stress-testing process, which involves exposing materials to high temperatures, strong light, and water for up to 1000 hours. By working with non-polluting processes and local suppliers, Paola Lenti ensures that their furniture is not only beautiful but also ethically produced.

One of their notable innovations is the Rope collection, which is resistant to water, mold, and bacteria. But their creativity doesn’t stop there. Paola Lenti continues to push boundaries with textile designs like Twiggy, Maris, and Diade. Each of these textiles offers unique features, from striated lengthwise braids to open-weave bonded fibers. In fact, Diade is fully patented, showcasing the company’s dedication to innovation.

One of the standout features of Paola Lenti’s furniture is the variety of colors available. With a catalog of 70 solid colors and 500 possible variations, customers can create truly unique outdoor settings that stand out from the crowd. Paola Lenti believes that outdoor furniture should not only be weather-resistant but also personal and expressive.

The success of Paola Lenti can be attributed to the vision and talent of its founders, Paola and Anna Lenti. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Paola pursued her passion for design after studying at the prestigious Scuola Politecnico di Milano. Inspired by her work in the fashion industry, she began adapting automotive felt to create innovative rugs. This led to a collaboration with industrial designer Francesco Rota, resulting in the integration of Paola’s textile and color innovations into 3D furniture designs.

Today, Paola Lenti is a global brand with a turnover of €40 million ($66 million). The company employs over 120 people in its research and development, design, and production departments. In addition to their headquarters in Meda, Paola Lenti has opened a new complex in Milan’s Maciachini district, featuring a showroom, restaurant, gardens, art gallery, and boutique hotel. This space allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the Paola Lenti aesthetic.

For those who can’t make it to Milan, dedicated Paola Lenti spaces are available at dedece showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. These showrooms provide the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty and functionality of Paola Lenti’s designs, especially as outdoor living becomes increasingly popular in Australia.

Whether you’re admiring their designs at prestigious events like the Monaco Yacht Show or exploring their dedicated spaces in Australia, Paola Lenti offers sustainable and visually stunning furniture that redefines outdoor living.

FAQ Section:

Q: What sets Paola Lenti furniture apart from others?
A: Paola Lenti furniture is known for its sustainability and long-lasting durability. The brand is committed to creating ethically produced furniture through non-polluting processes and working with local suppliers.

Q: What is the Rope collection known for?
A: The Rope collection by Paola Lenti is resistant to water, mold, and bacteria, making it highly durable and suitable for outdoor use.

Q: What are some notable textile designs by Paola Lenti?
A: Paola Lenti offers unique textile designs such as Twiggy, Maris, and Diade. Each of these textiles has distinctive features, including striated lengthwise braids and open-weave bonded fibers. Diade is fully patented, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to innovation.

Q: How many color options are available for Paola Lenti furniture?
A: Paola Lenti offers a catalog of 70 solid colors and 500 possible variations, allowing customers to create personalized and expressive outdoor settings.

Q: Who are the founders of Paola Lenti?
A: Paola and Anna Lenti are the founders of the Paola Lenti brand. Paola, having studied at the prestigious Scuola Politecnico di Milano, pursued her passion for design after working in the fashion industry.

Q: How has Paola Lenti grown as a brand?
A: With a turnover of €40 million ($66 million), Paola Lenti is now a global brand employing over 120 people in various departments. They have expanded to have a complex in Milan’s Maciachini district, which includes a showroom, restaurant, art gallery, gardens, and a boutique hotel.

Q: Are there any Paola Lenti spaces in Australia?
A: Yes, dedicated Paola Lenti spaces can be found at dedece showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney, offering an opportunity to experience the beauty and functionality of the brand’s designs.


1. Ethically produced: Produced in a manner that takes into consideration ethical and sustainable practices, including fair labor conditions, environmental impact, and social responsibility.
2. Patented: Protected by a legal patent, indicating that a specific invention or design is unique and cannot be copied without permission.
3. Turnover: The total revenue generated by a company within a specific period, often used as a measure of business performance.

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